Girls Don’t Want Bums!

The dam truth!

Yet, so many of us end up with one.

Everyday I hear women complaining about how they’re stuck with a man who refuse to work, or they’re single moms

My mother wanted me to be the perfect housewife. She used to say that if I didn’t learn to cook and clean, my husband would send me back. Lucky for me, my father was a feminist and he taught me how to fish for myself. Don’t get me wrong. My mother loves me. She just didn’t know anything else beyond being a good housewife because that’s what she grew up with.

Today, we still see it everywhere. When a boy mishave, we say he’s just doing a boy thing. But when a girl wants to be different, she’s not a

Let’s take a moment to vomit. This way of teaching is destroying our women.

Today, I saw women online sharing a post to their daughters and grand-daughters about what kind of a man they should be looking for before settling down. I thought, “Okay, cool.” Then, I started reading the article, “Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Does These 70 Things” and I choked on my disbelief.

One of the things on the list, “Like to meet your father.” Really? I mean, how many of you ladies want to meet his mother? Stop living on all these stupid expectations and just find a decent human being that you can tolerate and work with him to grow. He’s not going to bring you tacos at 3 AM, hold a boombox outside your house, or climb up a tree to kiss you good night but he probably will check to see if you’re alive. 

Unbelievable! 70 things! And we wonder why women are having such a hard time finding a nice man. Women are looking for a fantasy that doesn’t exist. No normal healthy minded man is going to check off all of those 70 things. If you do find one, enjoy the first 4 months of manipulation and  tragic for the rest of the time you continue the relationship. Only master manipulators will sell you dreams! This is how women often fall prey to abusers and spend years struggling to get out. They end up mentally and physically destroyed. Sometimes, even financially broke and will struggle as single parents who can’t live normally. To make matter worst, they are constantly getting tortured by their abuser, his family, dumb strangers, and even the court system. 

No offense to the author who wrote the article. I’m sure her intention was good. But as someone much more experienced. Okay, an older hag who’s been around the block, I’m sure the writer was fed with the same BS the rest of us been sucking on since we saw mice singing with a ragged woman in an attic and she got married because of a glass shoe.

We need to stop teaching our daughters and granddaughters what to look for in a man and start teaching them what to look for within themselves. Tell them to love themselves and set strong boundaries. Teach them what is not okay from a man and to aim for goals instead of being a perfect housewife.

We live in a world where girls and women are constantly being told to be better and meet unrealistic expectations. We have girls in high school turning to substances abuse because hey can’t meet the right boy, or is not meeting the expectations of the boy they admire. Let’s teach our girls and women to grow and thrive. To aim for goals and build machines. To believe in more than a marriage proposal and being a mom. 

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