I don’t know what to tell you but here’s what I did as a mom with 5 kids. It was brutal. The fucktard in my life would constantly threatened me and the kids with knives and guns. After 15yrs, I finally found the courage and moved out of state. I also filed a protection order against him. It’s been nearly 4 yrs, he got married to a new victim (yes, quickly) and is still constantly making me out to be the monster.

The best treatment for my kids is to show them how to survive. When my kids were young, it was hard for them to understand the situation. Trying to explain the mess to them with words was hard for them to comprehend since they lack the experience and maturity. Instead, I show them my strength and the quality of being good and real by constantly working on me and taking them to places to positive experience things.

Kids aren’t stupid. In time, they will understand the chaos. Until then, be strong and show them life goes on and it can get better. Kids are like sponges. They soak in everything but with the right squeeze, they will let all the heavy things go. You just need to work on you and be the role model they need.

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