You Need to Be More Understanding

This phrase was repeated to me many times.

I heard it when I was angry that my husband refuse to work.

I heard it when my daughter was getting her hair pull by her father because he couldn’t beat me.

I heard it when the family would invite the ex-girlfriend to the house and let her sleepover.

I heard it when I discovered the man who was suppose to love me forever was living a double life behind my back.

I heard it when I worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week while he slept, play video games, and visit all the bars in town.

I heard it when he shoved me against the wall and spit in my face. Threatening to hurt me.

I heard it when I cried after he coercion me to have sex with him because that’s what a wife suppose to do.

I heard it when he threaten me with knives and guns, and cut up the kids’ toys to demonstrate how he plans to kill me.

I heard it when he took my food and money and gave it away as his own to others. “Why are you so upset? Just go get more.” Yea, sure. I’m supporting 7 people and he doesn’t work but just go get more.

I heard it when I he calls me earful names and I cried myself to sleep.

I heard it when I got really sick

For 15yrs, i was told this phrase o er and over. Never know nice did anyone ever tell him to be a better person. Never once did anyone see what’s wrong.

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